Welcome to our website, another online service of CV FurniHere, an Indonesian manufacturer and exporter of finest rattan and wicker furniture. We start our journey from manufacturing natural and synthetic rattan furniture and many other wicker furniture. And, now we also manufacture other kinds of furniture, such as pine, mahogany, teak, and other wooden furniture and handicrafts. We hope that we can be a company that you can rely on, as we always try to do our best, for your best. To achieve it, we focus on keeping the quality of our products and our services to be always on top. That is because we believe in You, and in a fact that Indonesia is a very great home of a very awesome thing called rotan (Indonesian name). We also believe that Indonesian rattan is one of the best on earth. More than that, Indonesia also has so many very skillful craftsmen in this industry, and most of them are in Cirebon, West Java, Indonesia.

We have been in this business for more than 20 years. We start our business from being a supplier for many great and big companies in Cirebon. And we were very small, a home industry entry level. But, after experiencing, sourcing, designing, manufacturing, and controlling our rattan and wicker furniture, and our other products, with very clever spirit, we are now ready to supply You with our best. We have been exporting our products to many great cities of great countries in the world. We manufacture only high quality products to ensure 100% satisfactions of our beloved customers. We manufacture our rattan furniture and wicker furniture products by using materials such as abaca, banana tree layer, koboo grey, synthetic fibre or synthetic rattan, aluminum, iron, water hyacinth, seagrass, teak, loom, cabana, mahogany wood, and other wooden materials. We also accept custom orders to produce products based on your own great designs. We just want to do our best in manufacturing our rattan furniture and wicker furniture products, so we can compete with the market and keep the smile of customers upon us.

As a manufacturer, we sell to wholesalers, distributors, and other manufacturers. That is because we love to establish a long lasting and mutual business relationship with many companies from all around the world. In our country, Indonesia, we have been supplying many great hotels, restaurants, resorts, villas, and cafes. We even sell directly to a single person which needs quality furniture for his home. And most of our products which have been sold to them are synthetic rattan furniture. We have been doing so because we want to serve our customers, our friends, with what we are the best at.

Rattan furniture and wicker furniture is very environmental friendly too. Natural rattan, koboo grey, seagrass, water hyacinth, banana tree layer, and abaca are some materials we use in manufacturing our products, and those are not tree. Their waste are friendly too for our beautiful earth. Their present as materials we can use to manufacture our products is a gift we must not waste. We always look for other green things we can use as material in manufacturing our products. This is the part we take as issue of global warming spreads all over the world.

And, after all those words above, we would like to say thank You very much for visiting us at furnihere.com. Please enjoy browsing and exploring our sites. We hope You can find many useful things here, like articles about rattan and many things related to it, or pictures of our products, which those pictures are able to be quoted by You and then You can send them to us, directly from this very site. However, should You have any question, please do not hesitate to contact us by emails, WhatsApp, Telegram, SMS, phone, or by visiting us directly at our workshop. We will be very glad to have it from You.

Thank You.. Please, enjoy…

Weaving Materials We Use

They are eco-friendly materials.

These are some weaving materials we use in manufacturing our products. From natural rattan, synthetic rattan, abaca, banana tree skin, water hyacinth, seagrass, kooboo grey, and even bamboo. Those are materials that grow fast, so those are sustainable. Those are great to be used to make strong wicker furniture. And not just strong, those are also beautiful.

We focus on quality.

1. Testing

First, we check the materials we use before we continue the production process. After that, we create the frame of the furniture. We test the strength of the frame. If the frame of the furniture is strong, then we continue to the next step. Strong frame is very important.

2. With Love

We care You, we care Your orders, we care Your products, we care our friendship. That is why we produce our products with love, and we do it very carefully. From framing creating the frame to the weaving process, we do it with our heart. Because this industry absorbs a lot of labor, so it helps us in reducing the unemployed people. This industry involves many people. We just love it.

3. Strict Quality Control

Quality control is a must. We all know it. So we do it too regularly on each product. No product we make will enter the packaging process before it pass the quality control by our experienced staff. We check the material again, we check the frame again, we check the weaving quality again, we check everything. This is why we and You can sleep well. Because we care.

4. The Result is a High Quality Furniture

A furniture is not a furniture if it has no strength. It must be durable. It must beautiful too. So, we are glad when our sofa is placed on a public place. Because we believe in our quality.


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Interesting Facts

Dining Chair Webiy_compressed 20


Rattan is one of the most eco-friendly materials that belongs to this green earth. It is not a tree. It is a plant that grows in the rain forest. And, it is great to know that Indonesia has around 80% of world rattan population. And when combined with a fact that Indonesia also has many great craftsmen in this industry, natural rattan furniture from Indonesia is the best on earth. No doubt!

koboo grey


Kooboo grey is rattan. Its name comes from its natural grey color. While rattan furniture uses other materials in its finishing process, kooboo grey does not need that. Its grey color comes from soaking it in a special pool, like a mud. After soaking it in the pool for several weeks, the grey color comes itself. So, once the soaking process is completed, the manufacturing process of kooboo grey furniture is fast enough. It is beautiful and also strong.

Wasumber Synthetic Rattan Igloo_compressed 20


Synthetic rattan furniture is an alternative for natural rattan furniture. It is actually plastic. However, it is not ordinary plastic. It is high quality HDPE. Although it is plastic, we believe that synthetic rattan furniture is another eco-friendly furniture. Why? Because unlike the plastic shopping bags which will be thrown once used and become a toxic for our earth, of course we will not throw our synthetic rattan furniture? Right? We will keep and take care of it.

Diamond Bar Chair_compressed 20


Bamboo is another fast growing plant. That is why bamboo furniture is an eco-friendly furniture. It is very strong and very easy to be used in manufacturing many kind furniture. Gazebo, bar chair, bed, cupboard, living set, cabinets, and even pool lounger. Its round shape gives a unique and beauty look when its transformed into a furniture. Even its skin is used as weaving material too.