Furniture Materials

Abaca Fiber, a Green Material from Black Banana Tree

Natural Abaca Fiber

Beautiful, strong, eco-friendly, all in dark styles.

Abaca fiber is another member of hard fiber group. In fact it is a Spanish name. Widely, it is known as hemp of Manila. It is also a member of banana family which is botanically named musa textiles. It is planted for its economical value and harvested for its fiber. This abaca fiber is used for many purposes, not just to manufacture abaca furniture. Bags, carpets, other abaca handicrafts, cloths, and even rope. The rope is very strong. In fact…, abaca wicker furniture is more like abaca ropes which then weaved to create abaca furniture. Abaca furniture is a very strong furniture that has great durability.

Abaca furniture is made from combination of black banana tree layer, and other materials such as rattan core or others. The tree layer, especially the outer layer of the tree is removed from the tree for drying process under the sun. After abaca fiber is completely dried, it will be twisted. The twisting process made this material so strong. So, you can use it for any abaca furniture you like. The natural color is beautiful too. We think that giving it other colors is not necessary.

Abaca furniture is not always a wicker furniture. Sometimes it is a laminated furniture. It is because abaca fiber is sometimes not weaved, but laminated. The right and left pictures are styles of laminated abaca furniture. And the center is wicker abaca furniture. But…, there are also other styles of abaca furniture.

What important is that abaca furniture is a very green furniture too. It is because abaca furniture is not made from wooden materials which are taken from rain forests as explained. It is from banana trees which have fast grow rate. So…, by using abaca furniture…, it helps rain forests to live longer. We get that point. We also get the beauty of abaca furniture. We also get the other advantages from using abaca furniture. Feel free to contact us to get the beauty, strengh, and durability of abaca furniture.

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