FurniHere, furniture and handicraft are here.

A glimpse about us and out strong will to furnish Your needs.

A beautiful serenity has taken our heart, just like every dawn with its fresh dew that we enjoy with all of our heart.

About FurniHere

We produce many kinds of furniture, from natural rattan furniture, synthetic rattan furniture, other woven furniture such as abaca, water hyacinth, seagrass, banana, rope, bamboo, and other wooden furniture, like mahogany, pines, and teak furniture.

Dear visitors…

Welcome to this about us page. On this page, we would like to introduce You more about us, about CV FurniHere, our company, further and deeper. CV FurniHere is a new and young company located in Cirebon, West Java, Indonesia. The company was established on year 2017. Although it is just incorporated very new, but the people behind the company are the people who have very many experiences in the industry. We have been in this business for more than 20 years. And those years were very beautiful for us.

We started our part in this furniture business from being a very small size, an entry level home industry. We supplied many great furniture companies and exporters in Cirebon. Some of us also were workers in those furniture companies. Some of us were working in the quality control division, in frame division, wicker division, finishing division, and cushion divisions. Some of us were also working in handling many kind of wooden furniture, such as mango, mahogany, pine, teak, and recycled teak. And some of us were handling designs too. With those difference great backgrounds, we believe that we are good enough to build our company which is intended just to do our best for our customers.

So, we chose the name of FurniHere, which is an abbreviation of “Furniture and Handicrafts are Here”. It is because we focus on those products. We focus on those products because we are here in Indonesia, which is very well known as the best place of many kinds of furniture, especially natural rattan furniture. Yes, natural rattan from Indonesia is the best in the world. But not just rattan, other wooden Indonesian furniture are also well accepted by the world. Teak, mahogany, mango, pine, and others are there in Indonesia with great quality. Besides furniture, we also focus on handicraft products, like many kinds of lamps and other accessories which are made from shell, natural rattan, woods, iron, and others. And, these handicraft products made in Indonesia and by Indonesian are also well accepted by the world.

FurniHere also has other abbreviation. It is “Furnishing Your needs Here”. As we know, the word furnish has other meaning or synonym. It is supply. That is because we are here to supply You, our customers, by what we have here. We want to supply You our experiences, our services, our products, and we want to share our spirits with You. Besides furniture and handicrafts, we also have a plan to expand our lines of products. We never stop on learning, so we can take chances that come to us, selecting those chances, and make one or some of those chances worth to be supplied to You. But, the most important is that we want to learn from You. Because…, You are our inspirations, You are our spirits. And we will never be good enough once we stop learning from You.

For Your information, locally, in Indonesia, we have been sending our furniture and handicraft products to many places in several islands. Our customers are vary, from a single person who needs small quantity furniture and handicrafts for his home, to many small and big cafes, high traffic restaurants, awesome resorts, great villas, and five stars hotels. And, we love them all. We love those things we have been doing.

So, at last, please do not mind the age of our company, CV FurniHere which is very young. Because, to cover it, we have great teams here for You. Also, please make a visit to our portfolio page, which contains information about some of our clients. From there, You may consider us to be one of Your partners in this business. Even now, we are still supplying other furniture companies in Cirebon. We hope that You may like the information on this page.

Thank You very much..

Domestically, we have more than 200 clients. We believe that they are not doing any mistake by trusting us.
We have produced and sold more than 100.000 furniture products.
and more of great players in our team.
And more of our production places.

Helping You makes us happy.

Quality does not lie. It is a natural result from something which is done with the heart, and not half of it. Because our culture says to serve well. And with our various clients, from a person which buys for furniture for his home, to great restaurants, beautiful resorts, cozy one to five stars hotels, domestic rattan furniture exporters, and overseas importers, we have a trust that we are here to help.

Let us get creative and more innovative.

Prime Quality of Products without Negotiation.

A synthetic rattan pool lounger is usually designed to withstand the weight of only one to two persons on it. But, for You, we want it more than the usual. We design it to withstand even more than five people.

Weaving furniture is a something that is really fun for us here. With music and chatting with others about the technique for great quality of the products, and a hope for Your smile of satisfaction, it just makes us even happier.

Our synthetic rattan sofas, pool loungers, and dining chairs Papandayan Hotel in Bandung, Plaza of UGM Technical Faculty in Yogyakarta, swimming pool of Aryaduta Hotel in Jakarta, dan Ballroom of Horizon Ultima Hotel in Makasar. We are happy for helping and adding more comfort.

FurniHere, where we want to furnish Your needs for furniture and handicraft, here, from Indonesia.

Our Spirit

We are very happy to serve. With our various customers, from a single person to big companies, it helps us as motivation in striving for more creativity and innovations with simplicity.

As we have mentioned before, FurniHere is an abbreviation of furnish and here. That is because we have spirit that we want to be Your partner and supply You everything You need from many kinds of furniture and handicraft. And we know that is not enough. But, since we are from Cirebon, West Java, Indonesia which is well known for its excellence in manufacturing many kinds of furniture and handicraft, then we are sure that we will be enough for You. But, of course it will work only with Your help.

That is our spirit. Because we are nothing without Your help. And we will be much better than today only with Your help. To cooperate with You and Your company will be a great experience that we will treasure. We want to grow bigger and better. So, we are looking forward to be contacted by You. Please, feel free to have us in touch. Listening is our way in learning many things.

We believe that ``excellence`` is not just a word. It is a result from great dedication and integrity to what we focus on.

And once again, our focus is prime quality products and services, just like a very fine dew in the morning in a very green village. That is our spirit, for You.