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Banana Plant Fiber, Another Green Material for Furniture

banana plant fiber

Natural Banana Plant Fiber

Strong, eye-catching, and eco-friendly material.

Banana plant fiber is taken from banana plant skin. It is dried first and then made into weaving material. It is most often made into flat weaving material. So, usually we call it flat banana plant fiber. For additional information, although it is usually called as banana tree, it is not a tree. Since its stem does not contain true woody tissue, it is technically a plant.

Banana plant is similar to abaca plant. But, if we look closer and deeper, we will find the differences. However, to do that, we need trained eyes. Banana plants have huge leaf stalks which the stems are the base. But, the stalks of abaca are more slender. Abaca plants usually have 13-30 stalks which are radiating from central root system. And those stalks usually grow to about 13-20 feet high.

The fruits of most banana plants are edible, while the fruits of abaca plants are not edible. The fruits of abaca plants are full of seed and smaller too than the fruits of banana plants. The shape of banana plant leaves is broader with more rounded ends, while the leaves of abaca plants are narrower and smaller with more pointed ends.

As we have mentioned before on this article of abaca fiber, the color of abaca is darker shade green than banana plants. So, the banana tree fiber has more options in terms of coloring when it comes as weaving material. And because the height of banana plants can grow to 25 feet tall, which is taller than abaca plant which grow just around 15-20 feet tall, so the banana plant fiber is easier to find.

It is believed that the origin of abaca plants is Philippines. However, abaca plants grow in Indonesia too. And there are many of those abaca and banana plants here in Indonesia. So, whether You want to use abaca fiber or banana plant fiber, we are sure that we can do it for You.

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