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Koboo Grey, a Very Green Furniture Material

Koboo Grey

Natural and Beautiful Grey Color

Koboo grey is rattan skin which is soaked in the mud for several days to get the grey color in the surface. You do not need to give it the other color because the natural color from soaking it in the mud is very beautiful and also unique. But…, You could put the top coat or glossy to protect the skin if You want to. Koboo grey is only used as weaving material because its size is about 3-5 mm, just like the common rattan skin, but with new natural color. The frame of kobo grey furniture is up to You. You can use mahogany wood, teak wood, rattan pole, or something else. However, sometimes koboo grey furniture use soaked rattan pole as the frame in order to get closer or similar color to ensure the beauty of koboo grey furniture itself.

Koboo grey is one of the most eco friendly material which is used in manufacturing woven furniture. It is one kind of rattan and wicker furniture products. We need these products to keep the smile of our beloved earth. We write a very useful article about koboo grey rattan furniture. You can read it here. Or…, if You want to view some of our kobo grey rattan furniture, You can click here.

There are about eight different spellings for this wicker rattan furniture material; kobo gray, kobo grey, koboo gray, koboo grey, kooboo gray, kooboo grey, koobo gray, and koobo grey. It is a unique thing while we know that those eight spellings are for one thing only. But it is ok. And because there is already an article which is talking about this koboo grey wicker furniture…, so…, we want to let You know the reasons You may need to know before You purchase koboo grey rattan furniture.

The first is about the quality. There are many koboo grey wicker furniture manufacturers and exporters in Cirebon…, but there are very few of them that able to control the quality of their koboo grey rattan furniture. Why? It is because of the smell that comes from kobo grey itself. As You have read the article about koboo grey on our site here…, we know that it was first soaked in the mud for several days to get the grey color on its surface. So, we have to be very skillful in order to have the ability to remove the smell. And not just about removing the smell, we also must understand about how to get the desired grey color from the soaking process.

And the second is about the final products of kobo grey itself. Usually, it is most used in manufacturing basketries and other wicker accessories. It is because its nature which is very fit for making wicker baskets and accessories. But, we do not stop at that point. Right now, we can find many kinds of furniture which is made from kobo gray. From single wicker dining chair to strong natural wicker living sofas are there for You.

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