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Natural Rattan Fiber, A Very Green Weaving Material

Natural Rattan fiber

Natural Rattan Fiber

One of The Most Eco Friendly Material Used in Manufacturing Wicker Furniture

Natural rattan fiber is made from rattan itself. There are many kinds of natural rattan fibers. But the most used are rattan peel and rattan core. Rattan peel is the skin of rattan. It is taken from the outer skin of rattan. Special machines are needed to get high quality rattan peel from the pole. It is also one of the main material needed to manufacture high quality wicker rattan furniture. The size of this natural rattan fiber is usually from 2 mm to 7 mm wide with thickness of 1.4 mm. It is elastic, flexible, and very good to be used as material for indoor rattan furniture. Because the wicker rattan furniture is durable enough if the weaving process is highly controlled.

There are many weaving styles that we can get from using natural rattan peel. Liris or wajik or V style, kembang tanjung or sunflower style, chicken eyes style, and many others. And those styles will bring a very beautiful and artistic wicker furniture to Your home with no doubt at all. And the applications of those weaving styles are many, from simple dining chair to big sofa, and even small accessories. Natural rattan fiber is one of the best for them.

Unlike the material which is mentioned before, natural rattan core is stronger. This kind of natural rattan fiber is round. It is taken from the rattan pole by cutting it into many sizes. Of course, we need machines to do that. The sizes are various from 2.5 mm to 12 mm in diameter. But, because it is stronger, the weaving styles that we can get from using this material is not as many as from using natural rattan peel. Braid or centipede or kepang style, random or acak style, and standard straight weaving styles with all of its variations, are maybe all the styles that we can get. However, if the weaving and finishing process is highly controlled, then the products will be very beautiful too. No doubt.

We can combine those kinds of natural rattan fiber above with rattan pole or some wooden frames to achieve a beautiful and strong wicker rattan furniture. And it is best to be used as indoor furniture. If we treat it well enough, then the natural wicker furniture will last long enough for years. We also highly recommend to use the cushion for some kinds of rattan furniture, like rattan sofas and rattan chairs. It will help the natural rattan furniture last longer and to be more comfortable.

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