Aryaduta Hotel, Jakarta

Order Documentation of Our Synthetic Rattan Loungers for Aryaduta Hotel, Jakarta

Synthetic rattan loungers are the products they were looking for. At that time, our website was, a small website. We were very happy when Aryaduta Hotel made a phone call to us for the first time. They asked about our products. After some emails, they decided to make a PO for us. Aryaduta Hotel is a great and big hotel, a five star hotel. We are really thankful for that.

Client Aryaduta Hotel, Jakarta, a five star hotel.
Designer NuroFurni
Materials Aluminum Frame, High Grade, Export Quality Synthetic Rattan Fiber, Great Density Foam, Outdoor Fabric for Cushion Cover
Address Jl. Prapatan 44-48 Jakarta 10110, Indonesia

Synthetic Rattan Loungers at Aryaduta Hotel, Jakarta, Indonesia

Synthetic rattan loungers at Aryaduta Hotel Jakarta, a five star hotel, were supplied by us. At that time, our website was a very small website. It was And NuroFurni was our name. It was not a company, it was just a name. And Aryaduta Hotel was hard to put the trust on us. However, after some explanation that there are many hotels that have been supplied by us, they finally put their trust on us. The products they asked was synthetic rattan loungers and small side tables. The tables were to be placed beside the synthetic rattan loungers. And, it was a very great pleasured experience to supply the Aryaduta Hotel.

It was afternoon, around 2 PM o’clock when Aryaduta Hotel made the first phone call to us. I was unable to recognize the phone number. Of course, because it was the first call. Beside that, we were very rare in offering our synthetic rattan products directly. It is because we do not want to disappoint any of our clients. We realize that the production process we are doing here is almost never stopped. Purchase orders are always there. As we have said before, we are also supplier of many furniture factories here. So, we told them to send us their email address so we could send them the e-catalogues.

After some correspondences, then the hotel decided to put an order for us. They want synthetic rattan lounger as the shown pictures on this page. But, before massive order, they wanted us to make a sample. So, we made it within a week and we sent it to the hotel. They were glad for the good sample. And after waiting for another single week, they sent us the PO. The quantity was about a six wheel truck. And they asked us to finish the production for no longer than 3 weeks. The asked time was enough for us. And we finished the order with satisfaction and pleasured experience.

A Joyful and Wonderful Experience

It was a really joyful and wonderful experience to supply a five star and big hotel as Aryaduta Hotel Jakarta. The synthetic rattan loungers they wanted from us have been passed our strict quality control. Example, a lounger is usually made to withstand the weight of one big person. But, our aluminum frame for synthetic rattan lounger must be able to withstand at least more than four or five of our workers. That is why we believed that we could deliver our synthetic rattan loungers to Aryaduta Hotel with no worry at all. Many thanks to our experienced staffs, and for Aryaduta Hotel for putting their trust on us. Once again, we are really glad to be one of Aryaduta Hotel suppliers. And, we hope that You and Your company could give us a chance too, just like Aryaduta Hotel did. Thank You for exploring our website.

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