Our Portfolios

Welcome to our portfolios page…

On this page, You can view documentations of our projects, especially our domestic projects. We have been selling online domestically for more than 5 years. Hotels, resorts, villas, restaurants, and cafes are our clients. We even accept order for just one single item or a set of furniture for homes. In Indonesia, most of our clients asked for synthetic rattan furniture. Some also have asked us to supply them other furniture, such as natural rattan furniture, teak, and mahogany furniture. And we are happy to be their supplier.

We make this page for one purpose. It is to show You that we make only good and high quality furniture. Hotels, restaurants, cafes, and villas, of course, they want only high quality furniture. And they want it from good manufacturer. And, once again, we are happy to be there for them. We are sure that if we are not good enough, they would not trust us. But, they did.

So, we hope that You also could give us a try to be Your partner, to build a long lasting mutual business relationship. Because we know that You are here to on this page to know more about us. Those our clients in Indonesia are great companies, great hotels, cozy cafes, beautiful villas, and awesome restaurants. And, for them and for You, in manufacturing our furniture, we only want to use high quality materials combined with our skilled and experienced craftsmen. That is to ensure the quality of our products and services.

May this portfolios page could help You in making final decision in finding a good partner. We are not good enough except You put Your trust on us, and then we can fulfill Your expectations. We are looking forward for that from You. Hope we can do our best together with You.

Thank You…