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Rattan Pole, Green, Strong, and Lightweight Furniture Frame

rattan pole

Natural Rattan Pole for Furniture Structure

Durable, Strong, Lightweight, and Eco-Green Material

Rattan poles is taken from rattan itself. There are more than 600 species of rattan in this world. About 516 species of rattan are already known in Southeast Asia. Indonesia has about 306 of those species which also have been identified. Those are available almost in all islands in Indonesia. From those 306 species, more than 50 species are used in manufacturing many kinds of furniture and handicrafts. For furniture, rattan pole is used most often as the frame or as the supports for the main frame of rattan furniture.

Rattan pole, beside it is used for manufacturing furniture and other rattan accessories, is also used in manufacturing other things. You can use rattan pole for filling the rod bike, or as ship back equipment, sand barrier in the deserts, and even as substitute for reinforced concrete construction. Rattan pole is amazing, isn’t it?

Rattan in its young age is also edible. The name is umbut rotan. We can find it in Aceh, Jambi, Sulawesi, Kalimantan, and West Java. If we cook it right, we believe that You won’t be able to deny it. It is very delicious and very good. Just as good as umbut rotan which is made from young rattan, the furniture which use rattan pole as the frame will have light weight, good durability and strength, beautiful and delicious taste to our eyes.

Rattan has its own uniqueness if compared to other palmae plants. It can grow up to 100 meters long. From that, we have to process it before we can use it as the frame of rattan furniture. After that, that rattan pole can be combined with many other weaving materials, such as natural rattan fiber, synthetic rattan fiber, seagrass fiber, banana plant fiber, abaca fiber, and others. These combinations will give us a unique look of the wicker rattan furniture. Even without combining rattan pole with those weaving materials, rattan furniture which only use rattan pole as the frame and the additional decoration of the frame are no doubt very beautiful too.

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