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Seagrass Fiber, from Savannah for Green Strong Furniture

seagrass fiber

Natural Seagrass Fiber

Strong, beautiful, and durable in natural light green color.

Seagrass fiber is one of our materials for manufacturing indoor wicker furniture. It is unique. And this seagrass furniture is very beautiful furniture. It is very comfortable too. It is also one of the very green furniture on earth. Using seagrass as wicker furniture materials really helps rain forest to live longer.

Before we use seagrass fiber, it must be dried first. The natural color before and after dried is same. It is beautiful light green. But, you can give it other color if you want. Just feel free to contact us so we can help you in every way we can.

Seagrass coil is a very strong material for indoor woven furniture, although the size is not too big like other weaving materials. It is because that seagrass is twisted before we use it. This material is very good as weaving material in manufacturing many kinds of wicker furntiure. The most popular is for wicker dining chair. The wicker dining chair which is woven by using seagrass has very eye-catching look. Sometimes, basketries, wicker accessories like side lamps, trays, and sofas and tables are also woven by using seagrass fiber.

Rattan pole or mahogany wood is usually used as the frame for seagrass fiber. Rattan core also used in this combination, and usually as the vertical lines of the wicker seagrass furniture. The combination of these materials makes seagrass furniture as one of the very beautiful, comfortable, and strong indoor wicker furniture. Just like other wicker furniture…, even the main wicker material is seagrass fiber…, again…, this seagrass fiber for wicker furniture is a very comfortable and beautiful furniture.

And about maintenance, make sure that You put the seagrass furniture indoor. For routine cleaning, You can wipe it by using a soft cloth, or vacuum cleaner with an attached brush to clean the dirt among the weave. And, do not make it prolonged to sunlight as it fades the color. Also, please use a good varnish.

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