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Synthetic Rattan Fiber, Green Alternative for Wicker Furniture

Synthetic Rattan Fibre

Synthetic Rattan Fiber

Looks Natural and Best for Outdoor Use

Synthetic rattan fiber is an alternative for natural rattan. It is also well known as synthetic wicker, techno rattan, or artificial rattan. It is made of plastic, but not ordinary plastic. It is made from HDPE. It also must be non-toxic material and eco-friendly. Synthetic rattan fiber comes to replace natural rattan which is not strong enough to be used as outdoor furniture. The look of this techno rattan is very similar to natural rattan. It even has more advantages in terms of colors, size, models, textures, strength, uses, and many more. And, yes, it works very well. We can see now that there are many synthetic rattan furniture around us.

In terms of color, synthetic rattan fiber has more colors that natural rattan can not deliver. In terms of textures, this artificial rattan has wide ranges of textures. In terms of sizes, synthetic wicker comes with almost all sizes we want, from 2 mm to more than 12 cm in width and diameter, and even more. The same thing goes the same in the terms of models. And in the terms of strength and uses, synthetic rattan is by far has more durability than natural rattan. You can place it as outdoor synthetic rattan furniture for almost all the years. It is well known as all weather furniture, because it is all weather and all seasons furniture. Seasons and weathers will not easily break the techno rattan fiber as long as the fiber is made from high quality materials.

Because it has a purpose to be all weather furniture, the frame of synthetic rattan furniture is usually made from aluminum. As we all know, aluminum will not get rusty. Sometimes, iron is also used as the frame of synthetic wicker furniture. But, to avoid the rust, powder coating is highly recommended. Stainless steel is sometimes also used as the frame of this techno rattan furniture. But, the prices will be very high. That is why, usually only big hotels and big customers want it. And, lately, natural rattan pole is used too as the frame. But, only high quality rattan pole which is used as the frame. Manau rattan which is well known of its strength is the first choice if we want use natural rattan pole as the frame of the woven synthetic rattan furniture.

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