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Water Hyacinth Fiber, Green and Beautiful Weaving Material

water hyacinth fiber

Water Hyacinth Fiber

A Natural Weaving Material from a Fast Growing Water Plant

Water hyacinth fiber is made from water hyacinth. It is a vegetation that lives in the lake or river. We cut it first from the leaf and the flower to get its bole, then we dry it under the sun until the color is yellow or light brown. This wicker material is delicate and fragile. So, it needs a very smooth treatment until you bring it home. You need to do this because there is no twisting or braiding process from the very first step.

However, although it is being said that this water hyacinth fiber is not really strong, or fragile, but, with right treatment and good processing, the furniture that use water hyacinth as the weaving material will be a very beautiful and unique furniture. It is because if its look that is different. It is classic with its natural color.

There are two kinds of water hyacinth fibers. Those are brankas water hyacinth fiber and twisted or braided water hyacinth fiber. Brankas water hyacinth is taken directly from the plant itself. There is no braiding or twisting. That is why that brankas water hyacinth is not as strong as braided water hyacinth. Unlike the brankas water hyacinth, twisted or braided water hyacinth is twisted to make it stronger. The perfect color is dark brown with brown wash or dark wash.

Twisted water hyacinth fiber is sometimes used in combination with some other materials. Rattan core is the most often used material as the combination. This rattan core is usually used as vertical lines of the wicker water hyacinth furniture. The frames of the furniture are many. Rattan pole often used as the frame. But sometimes we can find water hyacinth furniture which its frame is teak or mahogany. And…, again…, using water hyacinth furniture really helps rain forest to live longer.

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